R.O Plants

We provide commercial and domestic water treatment solutions for treatment of drinking water with Reverse Osmosis technology. Our water treatment plants are designed and installed in various village panchayts, educational institutions and other commercial purposes.We offer various capacities of drinking water plants as per the customer's requirement.

We provide R.O Plants with following capacities

Domestic 10 LPH, 50 LPH
Commercial 100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, 2000 LPH5000 LPH


We provide Softener solutions for Industrial waste water treatment.We provide softeners of different capacities ranging from 2000 LPH to 5000 LPH

Our services

We also provide panel board design, cable works and civil works.

Our specialities:

R.O Plants R.O Plants R.O Plants R.O Plants R.O Plants R.O Plants